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Globao helps you solve the following problems:
01)   Cannot find target customers
02)   Have connection with many customers, but deal can not be closed or low turnover rate
03)   Have orders, but at low price or harsh needs
04)   Too few customers with a few big ones, unreasonable structure
05)   Lack of big customers and quality orders, doing hard in small ones and easy to make mistakes
06)   Market disequilibrium, weak ante-risk ability
07)   Lack of trains of thought and methods, often complaining about product price
08)   Too long to train a good salesman
09)   Lack of team work, cannot handle increasing orders and even cause a loss of customers
10)   Lack of systematical methods in win customer and market, depend on one or a few salesmen
11)   Bad debts, cannot find balance in risk controlling and business growth
12)   Conflict between channels, without giving play to each one
13)   Tired and bitter manager, playing as a fire fighter
14)   Lack of core competitiveness
15)   Company in trouble, don’t know how to break and cannot find a direction of sustainable   development
16)   Stable sale but lack of thoughts in sustained or rapid development
Values customers gained:
Help customers have a clear vision about your business and market, understand the essence of industry and market
More than 20% average monthly sales growth, whether more depends on actual situation
Assist your enterprise gain the key abilities in export marketing: generalization ability, receiving customer info, understanding customer needs, communication skills, price bargaining and negotiation skills, customer relationship management, sales manager level in your industry
Become export enterprises with multiple core competitiveness
Reduce risk in export
Value-added services:
Peer activities with leading export enterprises
Latest marketing ideas and methods from International Marketing Laboratory (Hong Kong)
Value more than 50 thousands Globao resources sharing with customers
Value for exporters!