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  • The first company in mainland China specialized in export marketing training and consulting services for small/medium-sized export enterprises
  • Advised by export marketing expert – Mr. Huang Taishan with reputation of “the most understanding of small/medium-sized export enterprises”
  • Result-oriented, link the consultation fee and actual performance together
  • Has the domestic leading international market information, leads the market expansion precisely based on the data and information
  • The first publication series of Export Marketing Practice and Export Marketing Tactics
  • In 2009, when the financial crises breaks, all of Globao’s customers maintain a sales growth with average of more than 20%, while the general situation in domestic export is a drop of 20-30%, many of which even closed
  • Original concepts of Searching quotient, USE sales strategy, management of customer relationship in seven levels, Deep-sea strategy and obstacle strategy, offers unique competitiveness for our customers
  • Our marketing concept: simple foreign trade has passed, the present and future belongs to export marketing in high levels and global marketing enterprises
Value for exporters!