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Strategy Planning and Implementation Consulting

To those enterprises whose export business has already developed into a certain scale, it is essential to make strategic adjustment in order to expand business development space. But many enterprises often have beamed thought and limited vision because of the past success, which unable them to rethink and redefine strategy. As a third-part, Globao helps these enterprises rethink and make important strategy planning for the coming 5-10 years from global business development trend, industry development, business mission and life cycle.

“Strategy is to redefine” is our ultimate conclusion about the strategic planning, also the core methodology of our strategic consulting.

Marketing expand consulting

How to define the overseas market? How to understand the true situation about overseas market? How to find the right customers and partners in overseas market? How to establish good relationship with overseas customers? How to tap the potentiality of overseas clients and agents? These are our core concerns to solve for enterprises to expand international market.

Export business management consulting

Do you always worry about customer complaints or not stable delivery time? Are you satisfied with salesmen’s working attitude and performance? Do you have salesmen often job-hopping after being familiar with products and services? Because the export business have differences in business acquisition, communication style with salesmen and operation procedure with domestic business, it has unique rule and difficulties, so it’s equal important with market expanding to establish a management system for export enterprises, to improve customer satisfaction, increase order efficiency, improve team work efficiency and lower the risk of exporting. Export business management consulting helps you solve these problems.

Export sales team building and coaching

Every year there are new employees coming and old staff promotion, but more than half of them are not qualified. Very few are natural-born excellent salesmen, and can act naturally after promotion. Salesmen are more likely to fight alone, but in current situation, individual activity seems to be inefficiency and cannot effectively deal with customer demand, so it’s necessary to improve their ability and team cooperation.

Export risk management consulting

If there is one order cannot be recovered in foreign trade, often means that at least 10 orders or even 10 new customers won’t help, such loss is heavy. So it’s absolutely important of how to control customer or contract risk in advance, quality and time risk during the process, shipping and document risk afterwards. Export risk management consulting helps reduce the risk of foreign trade and escort your export business.

Value for exporters!