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Five problems to solve export marketing

Origin:   Published:2010-8-23 4:19:00

Understanding buyer of the buyer

Primary problem and the needs of the buyer. As we all know, marketing is the core concept of customer focus, from the customer needs, but how to implement the export control on it, is not an easy task.

Yang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Jinan 9 Cui Jianhua, vice president of marketing, analysis of the reasons: "the face of the tremendous amount of information and buyer contacts, suppliers, buyers lack of effective recognition system, there is no in-depth customer research, often spend a large amount of resources Invalid query on the follow-up. "

This means the buyer needs to improve the analysis of both the ways and methods. Shunde Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. General Manager Wei and Lin Hao said: "It means a very narrow understanding of the buyer, usually through interviews, customer visits, the LC terms of the contract the buyer needs to understand these aspects. But the most important point is Many businesses do not have to do, and that is not to truly comprehensive understanding of the buyer now situation, for example, buyers Ge 's requirements, which in the end are importers, wholesalers, or retailers, it's De Wei in the industry, competition adversary and so on. "

He said: "only in accordance with the customer one to two hours of talks and interviews to make decisions, is not enough. There are other ways, Biru industry websites that can help us get more useful information will help us Buyer location, access to more market opportunities. "

On the buyer's position is through complicated information, identification, analysis, to determine the identity of the buyer and purchase type, and then filter out the targeted buyers. Liu Chunyan feel this course in this area inspired much of their own: "Location is very important to the work of the buyer, foreign experts, this introduces a number of ways, for example, how to identify a one-time buyers to purchase or long-term buy. For different the buyer, you should certainly take a different quotation system and response. they say, some buyers for the first time sent a message rarely, and only one name or inquiry, but it will not be you a great potential clients? "

Case studies mentioned in the UK major retailers Boots, it asked gauze, cotton wool and other products prices. After filtering through the information, you find that it is a main cosmetics and health care products company, cotton wool, gauze species not its main business, it is very likely that one-time purchase.

 "We can see that Boots is a big company, often instinctively that it is a great potential customers, but down the final analysis, it is not of great value in this list. So, learn to analyze and filter information is very useful."

In fact, the buyer is different from other, concerns are different. Appears in Lin Hao, the retailer only city in the shop, what wants to sell, primarily concerned with what suppliers can provide products. It gives providers of data is certainly more limited, do not care about the price. The main difference make goods wholesaler, so the emphasis on the price. Importers will focus on the service. As the amount of importers to buy large, very worried about product quality and service issues arise, so do not start negotiations with the supply price, but service providers understand the quality and strength, it is brought out large orders on prices . Suppliers in particular if they are buyers anxious inquiry, bargain especially hard, particularly requests for emergency supply, so that buyers generally wholesalers. Because it would like to quickly make more money.

If both the face of the three buyers, suppliers, how should I do? Lin Hao said: "I would importer in the first place, as key customers to deal with, followed by wholesalers, and retailers are in the final.

"As manufacturers, we really do not want to do business directly with the retailers, because it is not the amount purchased, and prone to retailers to buy directly from us the price, than the purchase price from the wholesaler where a low, resulting in market confusion, ultimately we have lost already established business relations with importers and wholesalers. "

Create a unique point

Price competition in the Chinese market uncommon, smoke this price war after another. For many manufacturers, this is a no choice. Even more frustrating is that they also are brought to the export market this habit.

This is because most of the exporters did not have unique? Point, or do not optimize their own unique? Point, or not aware of the unique? Point advantage, enterprises inevitably fall into a vicious price competition, "Cui Jianhua Analysis of Road, "a general lack of clarity of domestic enterprises and long-term strategic planning, often other people do, what their own on the development, as we saw in the Fair performance. Moreover, the domestic market economy short time, all enterprises is to first survive, then the development, the lack of differentiated market position and business modes of thinking. "

Lin Hao share this view: "A lot of people to see what businesses are selling well, bring on the rush to copy the production. Finally oversupply had to resort to price wars, the end failed miserably. This is indeed a big Chinese enterprises the problem. "

Out of the cycle of price wars, we should tell the marketing concept is based on the difference between market segmentation strategy. In other words, the company's unique? Point to compete. So, how to create your unique? Point?

"To develop unique? Point, you first need to look at your company from the inside to see what resources and capabilities, or what resources and capacities, is that you have and others do not have, and then apply them as a unique product form and services, "Chris Styles, Dr suggested.

On the determinants of export performance of enterprises in depth empirical research, Dr. Styles, once the export of P & G marketing manager, is now the University of New South Wales, Australia, Senior Lecturer School of Marketing. He has recently come to China and export management company to do a case study.