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Ten Skills of Best Salesman

Origin:   Published:2010-8-23 15:52:00

1.    Professional knowledge
Best salesman should get clearly informed of the meanings of commodity’s physical characteristics and specifications as well as techniques, rules of inquiry and functions which could win trust of customers, or otherwise would be doubted by customers. And it would win admire of them if you know a little about technical theories, market and industry tendency and knowledge of industry and management.
2.    Customers come first.
Check carefully the customer list before you send or receive e-mails in the morning of weekday. Firstly, you should find out priority customers and take active part right now. Secondly, you should find out the most potential customers then try to figure out how to improve customer relationship with them. Thirdly, you should find out the customers losing contact with us for a long time and think about how to create new opportunity of communication.
3.    Improve communication ability
You should be good at listening, analyzing and understanding the descriptions and feedbacks of customers, especially the implicative; meanwhile, try to understand their feelings and solve problems from customers’ perspectives.
4.    Establish Q&A documents
You could probably realize the familiarities of questions customers may raise after you have established business relationship with 20 customers. So it’s beneficial to make out a standard reply document or guideline by summarizing. If you haven’t had 20 customers, you probably have met so many ones and then think about the questions they asked. Sometimes these kinds of questions are more important because they are probably the difficulties and obstacles. If you haven’t met 20 customers, you should see around in your company whether they have had. Yes? Then do the same thing. No? Carefully report the existing ones. Keep improve and add news ones to the documents in order to promote the quality and effectiveness of Q&A.
5.    Improve negotiation ability
You cannot have no idea of detecting information, creating friendly atmosphere, raising prices, always asking for a trade-off, good guy/bad guy, nibbling… such sales tactics. If you do not, ask your manager of start reading a sales book.
6.    Do researches of how to deal with bargaining and harsh terms
You may be not clear: if you already know more than 6 methods in dealing with bargaining and harsh terms, you already understood the quintessence of sale. You don’t know more than 6 strategies yet?
7.    Management of customer relationship
More than 70 percentages of your sales are determined by four or five most important customers among all. Are you familiar with them? Are you familiar with the structure of their company, the process and number of the purchasing, the characteristics of seasonal productions and the preference of each buyer? Do you regularly keep in touch with them or send wishes in daily life even when not in business?
8.    Understand foreign culture
You should get to know, understand and practice the rites and traditions in the market region while avoiding taboos. It’s not terrifying to carry out cross-culture communication. But paying no attention to know and understand other’s culture in advance in cross-culture communication would lead to a terrible result.
9.    Self-management
Do you have high efficiency while working? Do you spend 70% of your time communicating whit customers? Or you spend most of you time dealing with trivial matters of no value? Do you focus on important customers? Do you have plans of every week and month? Do you persistently learn knowledge of sale, marketing or management? Are you improving your foreign language speaking?
10. Creative thinking
You can handle problems with foreign customers by using only a few simple methods. Have you think about it? Do you know how to increase sales by using practical skills, methods and tools? Reconsider it. Still no? The fact is that you are born creative and able to think, just too busy to think it over in the past days. Restart your mind and trust yourself. Yes, you can!