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Beyond the Expectation

Origin:Shanghai Globao   Published:2014-5-4 12:00:00

New Focus Technology Co., located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, is a customer recently introduced by one of our current customers. Their main products cover all categories of sine wave power inverters. The cooperation between New Focus and Globao has been undergoing since Jan. 2014. Before the cooperation and according to our investigation, 30% of their international trade volume was developed by two domestic sales men and either one of them grasped good English. They mainly did international business through agents. For direct exports, the sales volume occupies little and calculates only nine million dollars per year approximately. Our achievements are based on direct exports, paid by US dollars. For the field of international agents, we need to consider providing support or not since their exports don’t take into account.

For this case, our consultants have to take all these elements into consideration in order to work out a scientific solution, which must contain international trade development, customer visit direction and VIP accounts development as well as market analysis, competitor information collection, and inverter agent analysis. Finally, our work gained recognition and support of New Focus. Although the exports made by agents don’t belong to our achievements, our efforts do help this customer to expand their international trade. Business is business but we do more.

When Mr. Kong, CEO of New Focus, got the top20 inverter agent list and pick several valuable potential agents thereafter, he appreciated our work and said:” These files and the information contained are valuable. The growth of our export in 2014 is double insured because we cooperate with Globao.”

The following picture shows the opening ceremony of New Focus and Globao.

Beyond the Expectation
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