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Talent-Hunting Dept Getting Aboard

Origin:Shanghai Globao   Published:2014-4-14 12:00:00

As the business of our customers develops quickly, our service provided has to be expanded to new fields on demand. Take the enterprise A for example, which is located in Fenghua, China, their HR had limited source to recruit inter-discipline talents with global view to penetrate overseas market. Fenghua, is a city located in the south of Zhejiang province, in the south to Shanghai, the biggest city of China. But it is rarely known by outsiders. In recent years, it develped very fast and its private industries are ranked among tops. And the top-level talents introduced from other domestic big cities or overseas is becoming a bottle-neck.

Take the practical situation into consideration, we helped them by setting up a branck office in Jiangdong Nibo to recruit new one and support service. We especially designed a chart to illustrate how to recruit talented people with vivid company description, position description, performance assessment solution, salary and promotion ladder and personal prospectives. The recuitment work of the enterprise becomes more efficient and a team is built up within 2 months for the branch office containing one top-level sales man, who had been based abroad.

Talent-Hunting Dept Getting Aboard
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