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Role-Play Training for Sunon

Origin:   Published:2014-4-1 0:00:00

Three days role-play training organized by one of the Globao’s consultants for CIFF Expo was accomplished on March 20th, 2014. This project is tailored for Sunon, the No.1 furniture manufacturer of China. The export department of Sunon has been closely co-working and cooperating with us over than two years. Great progress has been made in exposition reception manners, commercial etiquette, communication skills and team work spirit through our detailed directions and situational trainings. Typically in this case, we tried some innovative training methods and items including open speech delivery and sales man’s talk control skills.

The three days’ training is designed and carried out as following:

Day 1: Analyzing the prospective visitors, working out reception methods and training accordingly

Day 2: High-intensity item-based training like speech opening and value-adding in communication

Day 3: Role-play and training, focusing on VP customers from key regional markets such as North America.

Ben, one of our consultants from USA, played the role of one important buyer of Sunon, with his typical American confidence and hospitality, a vivid training is delivered and planted on mind.

Cindy, the export department supervisor of Sunon, appreciated our efforts and professional work. She said that our training had greatly enhanced her team’s confidence, situation control ability and value-adding skills in communication.

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