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Shanghai Globao Marketing Co., Ltd., which was established in 2005, is the first company in mainland China, specialized in export marketing training and consulting services for small/medium-sized export enterprises. It is headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai and founded by Mr. Huang Taishan, a well-known export marketing expert.


More than 120 leading export companies in different industries have received our training and consulting services, which help to increase export sales and upgrade industry positioning.

Our mission is to create value for exporters. We aim to help at least 500 Chinese export companies to develop into intelligence and creativity based modern enterprises from traditional export operation module based on cheap labor work and energy consumption within 10 years.

Mar 2004the first professional public website for sharing export marketing knowledge - www.globalmarketing.cn went online.
May 2005publication of Export Marketing Practicing, which was the first marketing-guide focusing on first-line workers, filling the blank of training series book in global marketing and being out of stock many times after publishing.
Jul 2005Shanghai Globao Marketing management Co., LTD was formally established.
Nov 2005 the first domestic market intelligence course "research of overseas customers and information collection" was organized by Globao in Shanghai.
Jan 2006as customer demands, Globao got involved in export marketing consulting field, the company formally positioned itself as an enterprise specialized in providing export marketing training and consulting services.
Jul 2006 www.globalmarketing.cn hits breakthrough of 2o thousand IPs per day.
Nov 2007 Globao started cooperate with famous B2B enterprises, such as Alibaba and Global Sources, popularizing marketing knowledge for export salesperson.
May 2008 the first customer with rank in top 50 of market value in A share Market -- Sinopec was born in Globao.
Apr 2008 publication of export marketing strategy won high praise from foreign trade managers.
May 2009 based on the previous high satisfaction, Globao offered another consecutive 5 days’ export marketing training for Sinopec.
Aug 2009 Globao began to introduce foreign trainer for domestic medium/small export enterprises with international business communication training.
Jul 2010 as the first invited expert in export marketing field, Mr. Huang Taishan attended Forum of Export and Overseas Marketing, sponsored by Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, PRC.
Jul 2010 the first notebook specific for export sales staff was successfully developed in Globao, and won highly recognition from customers.
Value for exporters!